Supporting Mayor Pete

To the editor:

After reading information on his background and meeting him in person, I’ve have decided to caucus for former South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg on February 3rd. There are several outstanding qualities he possesses that are noticeable. He is very intelligent as is indicated by his education and military background and mayoral tenure. When he answers questions or respond to issues, he displays integrity and civility. He seems pragmatic in his responses to questions when asked about how he would work (with others) to solve some to the problems facing the people of the United States. His world view is refreshing in that he believes in international cooperation. He has not shown any need to radicalize any program to create a quick solution. He also seems to be a very genuine person who is approachable and in my meeting with him I noted that he is interested in hearing what voters have to say. While he is younger than most of the other candidates, he is energetic, enthusiastic and doesn’t have the taint of the Washington Capitol Hill culture. I heard a statement last week about voters not being concerned about voting for who is likely to win a race but voting for who they want to win. For me, that is Pete Buttigieg.

Judge Brown

Fort Dodge


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