Says Pete Buttigieg should be president

To the Editor:

I’m writing today to encourage people to caucus for Pete Buttigieg. I, along with my then 8-year-old daughter, went to see Pete when he first came to Fort Dodge last April, I knew immediately that he was the candidate that should be our nominee. Without knowing anything else about him, I was struck by his intelligence, and his calm demeanor even in the face of a protester who tried to shout him down. After this man was escorted out of the building, Pete did not get angry, was not insulting or threatening to him-He simply said, “I understand that he comes from a very passionate place, and I respect that”. Not agree with, but respect. We need more of that in our government and in our society!

Some say that his lack of experience in Washington makes him not ready to be President. I could not disagree more! One of the advantages of being a mayor comes from facing your constituents on a daily basis. He served two terms-and was elected to his second term with 80 percent of the vote! To be a successful President, one must exhibit the same qualities it takes to be a successful mayor: a high level of awareness, care, and compassion. I’ve seen this for myself in so many of Pete’s individual interactions. Some candidates want the people’s help to achieve the position of President; Mayor Pete genuinely wants to become President to help the people!

He is not extreme or frivolous with his plans for our country. As a pragmatist, he understands that his policies can only come to be when implemented in a manner that makes sense to the majority of American people; and he outlines them directly and with great eloquence. He will be a President who can work across the aisle as he has been drawing in Independents and Republicans in large numbers.

In the last 50 years, every time that Democrats have won the White House, the nominee was an underdog like Pete: new to Washington, new on the national scene, and from a new generation of leadership. In the same time period, every nominee older than 55 has lost, as did every former vice president and every multi-term senator. Add to that Pete’s other qualities: Rhodes Scholar in economics and politics, eight years as a mayor who transformed a dying Midwest city, and serving on active duty in the Middle East.

Democrats are known as the party of change, and right now America desperately needs a fresh start. Pete will be a calm, compassionate, and innovative President who listens as much as he speaks, and who knows from experience how to lead a community through difficult times. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is a new world to be won.”

As Iowans in the first in the nation caucus we have a privilege and responsibility to choose the right candidate to be our nominee and can have a great effect on what happens in the caucuses and primaries to follow. It is our job to say loudly and clearly that Pete is the right candidate to defeat our current President. Will you join me in caucusing for Pete Buttigieg on Monday, February 3rd?

Sara Hellvig



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