Says Mayor Pete is most electable

To the editor:

Many Democratic voters in Iowa and across the country are understandably concerned about selecting a presidential nominee who is most likely to defeat President Trump in the general election. Mayor Pete Buttigieg definitely fits this bill better than any of the other Democratic presidential candidates.

Indeed, Democrats have taken back the White House from Republicans in the modern era only when they nominate a brand new candidate who has never before run for president, such as John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Like these previous candidates, Mayor Pete is an exciting, innovative “fresh face” in presidential politics.

In addition, Democrats most often win back the White House when they nominate someone from a younger generation who conveys a strong message of hope and change, claims to be a Washington outsider, and has a powerful personal story to tell.

Buttigieg best fits this winning profile as the millennial son of an immigrant father, multilingual Rhodes Scholar, two-term Midwestern mayor, and decorated military veteran with experience in naval intelligence. He truly represents a new generation of presidential leadership, and is emblematic of the inclusive American Dream.

Like past successful Democratic presidential candidates, Mayor Pete is inspiring in his progressive vision, but very pragmatic in his approach and policy positions. He promises to unite rather than further divide Americans. He can therefore most effectively attract swing voters and win in swing states such as Iowa.

Mayor Pete actually performs the best against Trump in Iowa, compared to other Democratic presidential candidates, according to a recent New York Times-Siena poll. In a survey of Iowa voters, Mayor Pete was found to be the most electable Democratic presidential candidate challenging Trump in a potential general election matchup.

Thus, historical precedents and recent polling data clearly demonstrate that Iowa Democrats who are concerned about electability should definitely support Mayor Pete at the caucuses on February 3rd. If indeed we want to beat Trump in 2020, our best bet is to nominate Mayor Pete for President of the United States.

David Drissel

Fort Dodge


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