Supports Kamala Harris

To the editor:

Last week I saw something on the national debate stage I have not seen before and I am still thinking about. Race and diversity was a major topic.

I listened to the different views and opinions, and one that particularly stood out was Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris who was forceful and gave direct attention to issues that affect many.

As a proud Fort Dodge native and a person who cares for our community, it is a privilege to be able to say our Fort Dodge is striving to diversify, I see it throughout our town and its people. Yes, we have our challenges just as any other community; however to me there is a special spin of diversified uniqueness in our city.

In our current world climate there are disparities, fighting, hate and so many negativities, love seems to be lost in between it all. Harris brings love and peace to the table, for everyone. Yes, there are a lot of candidates on ballot and a lot of good candidates for that matter. However, my choice is Kamala Harris, not simply because she is a black woman, but because she has shown time and time again that she is able to understand the here and now, as well as demonstrated the toughness it takes to move obstacles out of the way to bring this country together. I urge readers to give Kamala Harris a listen and consider caucusing with me for Harris in 2020.

Although I fully respect everyone’s decisions on who their preferred presidential candidate choice is. I feel party or candidates should not divide us as people, neighbors, family and friends. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion. At the end of the day respect and love is what stands for all.

Lastly please continue to pray for our country, the president, the elected officials and World Peace for All.

I leave you with peace and a blessed holiday season to you and yours!

Sherry Washington

Fort Dodge