Will vote yes on broadband question

To the editor:

In the past few months, I’ve had a very bad experience with my internet and cable provider. The technicians have been to my house four times — three of them for 3+ hours at a time without resolving my internet and cable problems (I have had to leave work each time). With no solution to the problem, each technician has his own unique approach as to how to remedy it. They finally returned a fifth time and somewhat remedied the situation. However, when we have received rain/precipitation, my cable reception is “tiled.” One technician told me that is because moisture leaks into a transmitter box and interferes with the reception.

I visited our local cable/internet office to let them know about the issues I’m having and was told that there really wasn’t much they could do — that all decisions and scheduling was done through its New York office.

It would benefit our region to explore different options for internet and cable providers. Hopefully, a provider with a local presence that is more responsive to our needs.

If we want to continue to grow our region and our businesses, it is crucial that we have reliable internet service. Please support the effort to explore new internet/broadband service providers and vote yes on November 5th.

Amy Kersten Bruno

Fort Dodge


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