Says vote for Andy Fritz

To the editor:

Hi! My name is Susie Fritz. My husband Mark and I were both born and raised in Fort Dodge. After Mark served four years in the United States Navy, we returned to Fort Dodge to raise our family. We both love, and our proud of our hometown, Fort Dodge! That is the way we raised our sons Andy and Adam to be. Adam chose to see the world and has made his life in Japan. Andy however, chose to stay in Fort Dodge and make his life here. Andy also loves Fort Dodge and is proud of his hometown! He has been involved in making Fort Dodge a better place to live for him and his family, and for all of the people of Fort Dodge by serving on different community projects and was a former Council member for two terms. Andy is concerned about where Fort Dodge is going and wants to help guide Fort Dodge into the future. Please vote for Andy on Tuesday November 5. Andy has made us proud! If you vote for him, he will make you proud and proud of Fort Dodge! Thank you!

Susie Fritz

Fort Dodge