Put aside party allegiance

To the editor:

I’m a 69 year old man, married, father of two, grandfather of three, American by birth, patriot by choice and veteran witnessing our democracy slipping away.

January 2017: We learned our presidential election had been interfered with. Am I missing something or shouldn’t this attack on America be of the highest priority for Congress to deal with? Well?

May 2017: A Special Counsel was appointed, by the DOJ. Wow, an in-house investigation controlled by the subject of the investigation! Only a Congress of lapel-pin-patriots would acquiesce to this charade.

The investigation was impeded at every opportunity by Trump and his proxies. And, during the investigation we were pummeled with “alternate facts” and the distraction of ginned-up “crises”.

Investigation results: Indictment of Russian spies and jail time for seven Trump associates, details of the Russian interference and a listing of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and instances of obstruction.

But, who’s read the report? Certainly not our office holders who we allow to put party and PAC interests ahead of our common good.

We also found that Trump is, by DOJ regulation not law, above the law — and our politicized Congress is not interested in legislating this poison pill away. What we have now for government is a sham and the swamp has put America at risk of drowning. Please, put party allegiance aside and demand actual reform — the public financing and control of elections and, by extension, the lawmakers.

Tom Knapp

Fort Dodge