Hillside holiday lights to return

To the editor:

The miracle of Christmas is on 202 Second St. This story could not have been told if it was not for the character bestowed to one man’s dream to have the largest Christmas in the world. I did not achieve that, but on Facebook five years ago, I was number eight for the most unique display because almost everything you see is handmade. That was good enough for me and this will be my 35th year.

The cost is the biggest hurdle every year. At the end of the season I count my blessings and my donations, but the kettle runs dry except for last year. With no help financially from my two towns in my the 34 years and with my good credit and good health, I will succeed in putting up my light display again this year.

I will be 91 on March 2. My heart doctor advised me to quit this next year. If it wasn’t for the heart center in Fort Dodge, I wouldn’t be alive today. Two years ago walking up the hill after shutting off the main source of my power, it was dark so nobody could see me laying on the ground. I guess my heart had stopped, but when I fell down, I hit the ground forward and my heart revitalized. Finally I got up after crawling partway and made it to the house and made it through the night.

I got a pacemaker the next day put in, been feeling OK since. It was 10 below zero also. So I guess it wasn’t my time to go because I still have a mission to fulfill. So forget me not on Christmas time just like when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. Maybe I was born for the reason for the season. Merry Christmas everyone.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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