Former councilman will caucus for Buttigieg

To the editor:

I lived in Fort Dodge from 1982 to 2004, and was privileged to serve on the City Council for 11 of those years. I loved living there, and still think of it as home. I read The Messenger daily. I know that good things are happening in FD and Webster County, and I applaud everyone involved that’s working to make the area an even better place.

I had the honor of talking with many of those folks at the recent Webster County Democrats pork chop dinner — a delicious meal and great conversations.

In talking with them, and in talking with voters across the political spectrum in Webster County over the past many months, I’ve come to understand how frustrated and angry so many are about the current state of our national politics. People feel what I feel — that the train has derailed and it’s time to get it back on track.

People are looking for change. They want the temperature to be lowered, and cooler heads to take charge. They want a president who they respect and trust. I strongly believe that Pete Buttigieg is that person.

Mayor Pete doesn’t carry around the baggage of Washington DC. He’s been a public servant who does things that those in Washington don’t understand — he balances budgets; talks with constituents seven days a week; works with people of all parties to improve jobs, public safety and quality of life; and collaborates with citizens, staff and city council members to figure out how to move their city and area forward.

His job is not to talk, not to fight — but to get things done.

Pete’s whip-smart; a great communicator; cool and calm; a veteran of war; a person of faith who respects those of no faith. He’s a Midwesterner leading a middle class life. He’s got bold ideas that will bring people together rather than pull them further apart. He can attract the votes of Independents and Republicans.

Yes, he’s from a new generation. But when compared to our current president, he’s the mature, reasonable adult in the room.

People of all ages like him. He makes those around him feel comfortable. He’s an antidote to what’s been ailing us.

Pete is the right person to defeat Donald Trump and to lead us into a new era. That’s why I’m caucusing for him on Feb. 3 and I invite you to join me.

John Hale