Hopes for more at grain silos

To the editor:

We have been back to Fort Dodge a number of times since we left in 2017.

It has been so satisfying to see positive happenings continue to build on wise choices made by city and civic leadership.

When we arrived in June of 2000 there seemed to be a prevalent attitude of frustration that marked so much of the news, so this change is greatly appreciated.

We have been disappointed though in the lack of follow through with the grain silos. We had assumed that more would be done on the surrounding land to provide for parking, walkways and an explanation of the portraits for visitors.

We had followed the artist’s work in the Messenger and understood much of its development.

But then things seemed to stop. We have stopped by again and one time visited with a stranger to town who asked about the work. We shared what we could but wanted to be able to point to something that would provide more complete information.

Please tell us there is more planned by city/civic leaders for the silos.

Phil Somsen

Sioux Falls