Congratulates Fire Department for Guns and Hoses win

To the editor:

After reading the hilarious recap of the Guns and Hoses game of last year, I looked forward to another write-up of this year’s event. I heard from a reliable source (the mom of a fire lieutenant) that the sheriff department was brave (?) enough to join in on serious and intense rivalry. When the anticipated article did not appear on Monday, I thought that perhaps the lateness of the hour when the games were completed prevented timely reporting. Surely, I would read about the annual event in Tuesday’s paper.

When the coverage never appeared, I called my source to find out if the games had been called off because of muddy conditions. I had had to work on Sunday, so perhaps I could attend if they had been rescheduled. Negative. The only missing piece of action had been the press.

Thanks, Ann W., for providing me with the details of the extra-inning win, when the firefighters (assisted by a dedicated bat boy, Landon Waynar), after easily handling the police department an hour earlier, overcame the bedraggled sheriffs for this year’s bragging rights.

Thank you, too, service workers, for all you do for Fort Dodge and the surrounding area.

Patty Zahm

Fort Dodge


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