Candidates need to address the issues

To the editor:

On Sunday’s (8/11) Opinion page, Mr. Bill Horan comments on the lack of discussion regarding agriculture and science by the Democrat presidential hopefuls during their recent debates. His thoughts are informed, timely and valid, but do not go far enough. I am 87 years old, have been an observer of political debate all my adult life, and cannot remember a more lemming-like, shallow, ill-informed, single issue, I’m-more-politically-correct-than-you group than the current slate. The present and future state of our country, either socially or economically, did not seem to have any place in their thinking or remarks.

A pox on all of them. For the sake of these United States, let’s hope the Republicans and Independents address the truly important current and future issues — and how they propose to resolve them — when it comes their turn. (And for the record, I use the term “these United States” advisedly.)

Jack Foster

Webster City