Kudos to Webster County Fair Board

To the editor:

The Webster County Fair Board went above and beyond this year in planning the 2019 fair. They did an amazing job and deserve big kudos from our Webster County communities. The Fair Board, which is made up of all volunteers, brought in a new local carnival which was much expanded compared to previous carnival years, new food and business vendors that were amazing, helicopter rides, so many new entertainment options, and upgrades to the grounds and 4-H buildings as well. They created a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that brought people to Fort Dodge from all over Iowa. As a 4-H family, it was fun to see and participate in many of the events and activities the Fair Board had planned, but also to see the increase in foot traffic and in people who were excited to come to Fort Dodge and see what we had to offer. Webster County’s Fair Board deserves a giant pat on the back and kudos for a job well done.

Kelli Bloomquist



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