Votes not there to impeach

To the editor:

Since the effort to prove collusion has failed after two and a half years, many Democrats have moved on to “obstruction” and the call for impeachment.

Those Democrats seem to think impeachment on a charge of obstruction is a slam dunk. It will be interesting to see the exact charges brought forth by the House and even more interesting to see the evidence. From the beginning, Trump felt the collusion investigation was a “witch hunt” and was surely frustrated as months turned into years of resistance by Democrats, mainly because they hate him and don’t care if he succeeds. In fact, to the detriment of the country they don’t want him to succeed. I do not doubt that Trump said to many around him that he wanted the investigation to end. Did any of those around him follow through? Did Trump actually follow through? So what if he fired James Comey. He had a legal right to do so. Did any investigation then end?

There is one very important factor to consider. After Independent Counsel Ken Starr completed his investigation, the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans, initiated the impeachment of Bill Clinton in December 1998 on two charges of perjury, one of obstruction of justice, and one of abuse of power. And what happened? One charge of perjury and the charge of obstruction passed the House by a majority vote and Clinton became the second president to be impeached. The “trial” was held in the Senate where the Republicans held 55 seats. However, a two-thirds vote (67 Senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. No Democrat member of the Senate voted guilty on either charge. Clinton was acquitted in February 1999. Fast forward to today. The House is controlled by the Democrats so Trump would likely be impeached if charges were brought. However, the Democrats have 47 votes (far short of the 67 needed) in the Senate. As with Clinton, an acquittal of Trump would be the result.

Democrat Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and many other Democrats, particularly those running for the Democratic nomination for President, have said specifically that Trump is guilty of obstruction and should be impeached. What are they waiting for? The members of the House of Representatives have returned from their spring break. Quit talking about it. If the Democrats are so confident they should GO FOR IT.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge