Political cartoon is an insult

To the editor:

The political cartoon on the opinion page of today’s May 16th paper is an insult to every senior citizen.

First off young people are not sponsoring the old guy on social security. We have paid into social security for the last 50-60 years. We did not have a choice.

The government took our money telling us it was for our own good for our retirement.

Many of us also had student loans that we paid back all the while the government took out social security money from us.

These young people taking student loans are not forced to take it. They sign contracts saying they want the money and are willing to pay it back.

Please check some of the majors these students are taking knowing there are not any jobs in these majors. So they take out student loans that they know will have to be paid back majoring in a job that is not going to be there when they get out of college.

And you have the nerve putting a cartoon in the paper blaming senior citizens for their mistakes.

Rod Mahon