Help save the Webster County Museum

To the editor:

When I was a little girl, my grandpa, Jack Stanberg, would take me to the Webster County Museum in Otho. When I walk into this building I feel at home. A long white dress with rhinestones running down the front, a long white veil so beautiful and profound. White shoes with a few rhinestones on the top. My grandmother’s dress lay in the glass case still in the same condition it was in when she got married.

Memories dance around every time I step foot into this building. My favorite thing to go look at when I go into this building is the nursing department. There are old beds and a pediatric department as well, this area is cool to me because I want to be a nurse and it’s cool to go in and see how far hospitals have come to change. The dollhouses are another of my favorite to look at. They are decorated, painted, and roofed.

There’s a station for World War, oral medicine, as well as an area for the post office with old mailboxes and stamps along with old receipts. There’s so much to see at this museum.

Please help restore this beautiful building and everything it has to offer. please contact me at 515-829-0223 or email me at kierstanewing@yahoo.com for any more questions.

Kierstan Lynn Ewing