ACA helps people with pre-existing conditions

To the editor:

The anniversary of the ACA marks a milestone for those with pre-existing conditions. Prior to the Affordable Care Act being signed into law, people with pre-existing conditions could be denied healthcare coverage or charged more for healthcare coverage.

So, who does the ACA benefit?

• 17 million children. One in four children, or roughly 17 million, have a pre-existing condition.

• 68 million women. More than half of women and girls nationally have a pre-existing condition.

• 30 million people aged 55-64. 84 percent of older adults, 30.5 million Americans between age 55 and 64, have a pre-existing condition.

Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies routinely denied people coverage because of a pre-existing condition or canceled coverage when a person got sick.

Now, thanks to Senators like Joni Ernst, the Trump administration continues to advocate for policies, such as short-term and association health plans, that are not required to cover “essential health benefits.” These would take away the protections for those with pre-existing conditions put in place by the ACA. Those with pre-existing conditions would once again have to pay more for insurance or could be denied coverage because of their pre-existing conditions.

Even though she says she supports the ACA and wants to protect those with pre-existing conditions, Senator Ernst’s voting record would seem to say otherwise. We need Joni Ernst to stand with Iowans and stop trying to sabotage the ACA.

Emma Schmit

Rockwell City


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