It would be nice to drive through parks again

To the editor:

As my son and I watched the big dam removal process, along with 10 or more other cars, we noticed huge dump trucks being loaded up and surprisingly, drive south along the river and down to the silos and Amigo’s, from Loomis Park.

I said, “Great news, maybe the road would be re-opened for public use again.”

Then, I heard, later, on the radio, the city manager say the road would be closed again and only used as a bike path.

Years ago, it was a fun drive through our beautiful Loomis Park.

This episode caused me to remember the early 1960s, when Fort Dodge had many fun public parks.

Does anyone remember driving west into Snell-Crawford Park from North Fifteenth Street? You entered slowly down the steep hill, then you crossed Soldier Creek twice, washing your white sidewall tires, then westward out on to Williams Drive, a fun trip.

Sadly, Snell Crawford is now blocked off at both ends.

Another closed area is on the South River Road, this is the start of the Dragoon Trail, by the little dam. This road has been barricaded for over two years.

Mason Drive in the Pleasant Valley area has just been closed.

In our Oleson Park, the little side road is scheduled for removal, but some good news, thanks to Dr. Moehnke, Jim Kramer and others, this park is being spruced up revitalized. Wouldn’t re-opening some of these roads and parks make our city more appealing to our families and visitors of Fort Dodge?

Gary Carr

Fort Dodge