He appreciates newspapers

To the editor:

After reading the Messenger paper this a.m. to find out what’s going on etc, even the announcement of my 90th birthday, March 2nd. I want to thank everyone who sent me cards. 33 of them. Best birthday I ever had and we want to thank all the people who delivers them in all kinds of weather, including the postal workers. I heard a long time ago, you can’t learn anything from a dummy but you can from newspapers. I often ask people if they subscribe to a paper. Right away they start bragging about how they can get any paper on their computer, but they can not put it in their pocket or cut out the coupons to save money.

Thanks also all the business people who donates money year-round in advertisements so the school children can read the paper during school. At least if you get the paper year-round, they will enjoy the comic section. So will everyone in the household plus the news.

From the old man on the hill, known for his Christmas lights. Next year still a question.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City