DNC should reconsider ban on Fox News

To the editor:

So, the Democratic National Committee has decided that Fox News will not be allowed to host any of the Democratic primary debates held to choose the Democratic nominee for president in 2020. I thought all along, or so we all have been led to believe, the Democratic Party was the Party that promoted and practiced diversity. Diversity, like in presentation of and acknowledgement of differing opinions (I must have been wrong on that one). But what we really know is the Democrats don’t want the likes of Fox News reporters or journalists because they may ask tough questions. Commentators on CNN and MSNBC claim that Fox cable program hosts continuously demonize Democrats. Really? And we are to believe CNN and MSNBC and the mainstream media treat Trump in a fair and unbiased way?

Do you think the likes of CNN, and MSNBC, or whomever of the mainstream media that may host such a primary debate, will direct their staff to ask the “tough” questions? I recall Hillary Clinton once being asked what her favorite color was. The debates are sure to become a love fest. No questions about Jussie Smollett. No questions about sanctuary cities. No questions about late-term abortion and infanticide. No questions about impeachment. No questions about cities creating “self-injection” sites. No questions about concerns of the assault on free speech on college campuses. No questions about the need for “safe spaces” on, you know, those places of higher education that give lip service to promoting differing viewpoints (there is that diversity thing again). No questions about reparations. No questions about the watered-down House resolution that started out as a resolution, restricted in its content, in response to Representative Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks. The debates will more than likely just become a Hate Trump fest and those who tune in may be disappointed if they thought they may actually hear of the differences in the positions of the candidates. Although one, like myself, can find comfort in knowing that it is likely the candidates, in an effort to “out-liberal” or “out-left” the other candidates, will create a brouhaha. That would make the debates very entertaining. I can only hope.

Perhaps by the time this letter may be published the DNC may have reconsidered, in the name of real diversity of opinion, and allow Fox News to sit at the table. Perhaps. But don’t bet on it.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge