Would keeping dams help Fort Dodge grow?

To the editor:

Recent articles in The Messenger describe a movement to hire a company to remove our two river dams in Fort Dodge. Could this be a huge historical and financial mistake for our city?

Immediately after being elected mayor, Terry Lutz contracted a city development professional to instruct us on how to make our city grow.

Over 300 Fort Dodge businessmen and women met at First Presbyterian Church to hear Jack Shultz, of Chicago, tell us how to become a Boom Town in north central Iowa.

He opened his remarks by saying, Fort Dodge is already one step ahead of other cities in Iowa because we have a river running through it. He said “develop it” in a raised voice. He also told his audience that Fort Dodge is another step ahead toward being a Boom Town because we already own two dams running through our city.

He said block up the lower dam (Little Dam) with an overflow automated gate. This will create a constant level of water throughout the city, alluring all types of development.

Other cities have used this system. How many of you have visited the Boardwalk in San Antonio?

Should we take his advice? Is it too late?

Gary Carr

Fort Dodge