Gateway, Hope Sweet Hope says thanks

To the Editor:

Gateway to Discovery/Hope Sweet Hope Studios Board want to give a huge thank you to so many generous and faithful supporters of the women at Gateway to Discovery. Gateway is a two-year faith based residential program “Offering Women a Sanctuary for Recovering in Community.” Recently we held our annual “It’s a Chocolate Thing” fundraiser at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. St. Paul’s has extended a friendly welcome to this fundraiser for two years now, offering its site generously and with great warmth. Thank you to St. Paul’s members, staff and volunteers.

Specifically, thank you the event sponsors: Dr. James Chesnutt, Brian D. Larson, CJ Bio America Inc., Dr. Matt and Laura Maggio, Curt Bacon Body Shop, Joyce and Roger Natte, First Presbyterian Church Women, Dr. Andrew and Monica Shelly, Elizabeth, Deborah and Ruth Circles, Leola and Garret Weiland, Floyd L. Herum; Bob and Teri Herum, Tito Trevino, Dr. Terry and Pamela Hopper and Henrietta Van Maanen.

Thank you to all the chocolate vendors for their sweet treats: Debbie Garza, Linda Hoffman, Shirley Patterson, Daisy Russell, Lilianna Russell, Nathan Russell, Jeanette S., Jane Stewart, Maria Weydert, Mary W., Geri Wingi, Jacob Wingi, Stephani M. and Berlin Brown.

Belinda Cardona

Studio coordinator