Will vote for Meyer

To the editor:

I am extremely grateful and honored to be voting in the upcoming election on Nov. 6. In this election I am urging others in Fort Dodge and district 9 in joining me in supporting Ann Meyer for Iowa Statehouse.

I have had the privilege to know Ann and her family for 10 years and counting. Over those years her dedication to this community has been extensively apparent with strong engagement in healthcare improvement and local activities. Her recent enthusiasm and diligence in the running for state house has currently exceeded any and all expectations of any candidates as she has dedicated an immense amount of time going door to door just to listen to our concerns for Fort Dodge and Iowa.

Ann describes the person I want representing us; one who takes the time to listen to us the people, has 31 years in healthcare experience and knows the downfalls first hand, is an engaged community leader, is vastly knowledgeable yet willing and eager to gain information in new unfamiliar areas, and just a positive down to earth family woman.

I do not associate myself with any political party, instead I associate myself with a person or people that I believe in and trust and that person is Ann Meyer.

I encourage you all to join me in supporting Ann Meyer for Statehouse at the polls.

Grissel Castro

Fort Dodge