They support Kraayenbrink

To the editor:

There is no one more fitting, and truly all-in, to the job of state senator than Tim Kraayenbrink. Not only have we known Tim personally for many years, but we have been able to experience the intelligence, commitment and drive that has allowed him to be a successful business owner, outstanding family man and giving community member.

Tim has used his experiences in education and the financial industry to better the state of Iowa in the few short years he has been in the Iowa Senate. From balancing the budget to a budget surplus to the largest tax cut Iowa has seen in years, Tim Kraayenbrink used his knowledge and experience to get the job done, and in turn, made a positive impact for all Iowans.

It was not surprising to us the amount of good Tim was able to do in his first term as state senator. He has always been one to do what needs to be done and doesn’t complain about the process. Tim understands that not every decision is going to be perfect, but he will do what is best and fair in the interest of his constituents.

You will see Tim’s family show the same dedication and support. He and his wife, Sally, have done an incredible amount for our area communities, with much unnoticed. Even fostering area children for more than 10 years. A task many would not take on, yet Tim and his family continually answer the call to help others.

No one that has met and talked with Tim can deny his sincere commitment to getting the job done and doing so in the fairest and most financially responsible way. We have no doubts he will continue to put others’ needs above his own in a second term, so we ask you to join us in voting for Tim Kraayenbrink for Iowa Senate District 5.

Rick and Pam McCarville

Fort Dodge