Support Leffler

To the editor:

Merrill Leffler has a strong connection and commitment to Webster County. He always is thinking of the future and our future generations in Webster County as he makes decisions on the board. Merrill is the best choice for the board and his continued service is a must.

Merrill is familiar with the budgeting process and is very fiscally responsible. Merrill also possess extensive real estate knowledge that helps him understand the importance of maintaining and creating new infrastructure within the county including; our roads, farm drainage systems and bridges.

Merrill is also open minded and has demonstrated how well the Supervisors can work together to continue to better Webster County. Merrill is dedicated to this County and all he serves.

Please join us in casting your vote for Merrill Leffler on Nov. 6

Tad Linder

Anita Ayala Linder

Fort Dodge