Srinivas will serve her hometown

To the editor:

I’m writing today as a parent and as a person deeply concerned with issues that face our county. As someone focused on upholding our community’s values, values that we pass on to our children, I feel I must speak out about the events occurring in the Iowa House District 9 campaign.

It is widely known that Dr. Megan Srinivas was raised here, that she is the product of Fort Dodge public schools, and that, while she left to attend Harvard and then the University of Iowa for medical school, she came right back here, to serve her community.

I was very disappointed to learn that over the summer, voters were being told that Megan “is not from here.” Even for politics, that is an absurd tactic to win over voters.

To use the color of a person’s skin and her Indian heritage against her is a laughable and easily debunked idea. It was a clear attempt to convince our community that Megan is not one of us. I am a native of Fort Dodge and I know this is untrue.

We cannot let these divisive tactics split us apart.

Megan is one of us. She loves and understands her home, and I can assure you that this community could not be better represented by anyone, of any color.

Join me in voting for a candidate whose behavior sets the right example for our children.

This Election Day, vote Dr. Megan Srinivas for Iowa House.

Jenny Johnson

Webster County