Older Iowans should be a higher priority

To the editor:

The big issues this election are mismanagement of health care and unfunded education. But the one issue that is always ignored is senior issues.

Iowa is one of the states with a high percentage of seniors living in it. One out of every four Iowans is a baby boomer approaching 60 and 70.

In the last two years the State Republican elected officials did nothing to help seniors. They cut elder abuse initiatives, cut services to Area Agencies on Aging, no funding to address violent or sexual offenders in nursing homes, failure to address needs of family caregivers, find solutions for long term care workforce shortages and forbid Iowa Long-Term Care Ombudsman’s regional staff can no longer visit nursing homes to investigate complaints because of budget cuts.

Iowans are better than that.

This year republicans are running on passing the biggest tax cut of history.

So far this year these companies have stated the following as profit: Wal-Mart $9.86 billion, McDonald’s $5.192 billion, Amazon $2.88 billion and Casey’s $317.9 million.

I don’t think companies need more tax cuts, those tax cuts should be rolled back and the money should be invested in senior issues and education.

If you care for seniors or for change, Vote Megan Srinivas.

Dale Struecker

Area Vice President

For Iowa Alliance for

Retired Americans