Meyer is highly qualified

To the editor:

Ann Meyer is highly qualified to be our representative at the Iowa Statehouse. She is committed to the care and well-being of others, as is demonstrated by her years of service in healthcare, both as a nurse and also as an instructor. She has learned to listen and respond to people from all socio-economic walks of life, and treats them all with equal respect.

Ann is focused and disciplined, as is shown by the hours she spend going door-to-door, asking questions and getting to know what Iowans in our district district from their leaders. She doesn’t come to the table with a set agenda, but values the input of others; she will question people from both sides of any issue to determine what the appropriate response should be. She has also expressed a desire to see less division and more unity between our political parties, and I believe that’s something most of us would agree with.

Ann is diligent, and will study all aspects of whatever issues come up, whether it applies to economics, healthcare, agriculture, education, business, or an other matter – she will listen first and then respond. That’s who we need in the House Representative for District 9, someone reliable who will represent all of us.

Dennis and Jean Johnson

Fort Dodge