Elect Srinivas to Iowa House

To The Editor:

What do we hope for or expect from our elected representatives? That is a question every voter needs to answer for themselves, but I have come to the conclusion that I would like to send the best and the brightest to represent me, whether it is to D.C. or Des Moines. To that end, I will be voting for Megan Srinivas for Iowa House District 9.

Even though I am a Republican, I feel I should cross the party lines and vote for the most qualified candidate. I want to send the best and brightest candidate to the Statehouse and Megan is my choice. Anyone who meets Megan walks away impressed with her knowledge, temperament, and communication skills. (These qualities were also evident in the candidate forum at Iowa Central.) Her impressive resume of education, volunteerism , and work experience speaks for itself. She has a grasp on issues and policies that many of our representatives currently in office can only hope to attain someday.

This election, we have a choice. We can choose to continue to vote party line and send people who do nothing more than vote as they are told, or we can elect and send someone who will work to find common ground and solutions to the complex problems that need to be addressed rather than just toeing the party line. I am choosing the latter and strongly supporting Megan Srinivas. I hope you will join me.

Tim Olson

Fort Dodge