Candidates should listen to the people

To the editor:

I have a couple of questions for all the incumbents who squeaked by the midterm election by getting just over 50 percent. Do you feel good about 50 percent when all that means is every other person you meet wants you out of office? If you get half the people after years in office, example 16 years, do you think that’s a ringing endorsement of your performance? If you don’t really care if you’re re-elected, as one candidate let slip, why are you there? Do all the corporate contributions really go towards the campaign? If I only got 50 percent, I would change my attitude, my image and my work ethic and start listening to the people. You work for us and 2020 isn’t far.

To all the candidates who said the master matrix needs to be looked at, I have kept your quotes and unless you were just paying lip service and looking for votes than next session is time for action. Just like the election, 50 percent on the matrix isn’t good enough and it’s not cutting it.

To everyone, you don’t help the divisiveness when you call it a divided Congress. You should call it a balanced Congress where bills can be debated and not bullied through.

Dave Haynes