Ashamed of negative campaigns

To the editor:

As someone who has been involved in Webster County politics for decades, I was recently reminded, I am finding this local season in politics most distasteful. I have a history of standing up for those who have personal attacks waged against them in both parties. It is always my goal to be fair.

A personal and most negative campaign has been waged on social media against two people this election that has become so vial, I feel I need to speak out. Niki Conrad and Megan Srinivas have been mislabeled, name called and misrepresented to the point of absurdity and neither of their opponents have even attempted to stop the madness. One candidate texted me he had no control over the author of these rants. Speaking out against this behavior publicly as I have done in the past and on your behalf would have been one way to stop it, Mr. Leffler!

I want to be clear, I have supported these two women from the beginning of the campaign. I find them both to be of high moral character and beyond qualified for the positions they seek. They have withstood the slurs, misrepresentations and outright falsities with great strength. I am proud to be associated with their campaigns.

Let’s stand together against these malicious attacks and those who support them. We are better than that Webster County! I ask that you join me and vote for the character that we expect and deserve from our elected officials. I am proudly voting for Niki Conrad and Dr. Megan Srinivas.

Shari Fitzgerald

Fort Dodge