Ann Meyer loves Fort Dodge

To the editor:

I’ve had the privilege to know Ann Meyer for quite some time. She is a great mother, wife and educator and a huge asset to our community. She and husband, Dr. Jim Meyer, have supported a wide variety of projects. They have served, multiple times as medical staff on the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight. I have seen them at events for AFES, D/SAOC, Almost Home Animal Shelter, the list goes on and on. Ann Meyer loves Fort Dodge. She and Jim, are, have and will be involved in Fort Dodge and the community.

While Ann’s interests are Fort Dodge and House District 9, her opponents seem to lie elsewhere as a high percentage (over 64 percent) of her donations have come from out of state interests and individuals. Even her ads are funded by an out-of-state group. So join me in voting for Fort Dodge and House District 9! Vote Ann Meyer on Tuesday!

Amy Castro

Fort Dodge