Angstrom has the experience

To the editor:

I want to share that in the race for County Treasurer, there is a difference between the candidates. One knows that the office is run by the Iowa Code and few changes are allowed by law. One has actually been working in the Office for 10 years with another 14 years’ experience working with the public through the Auditor’s Office. One has been prepared for this job and worked hard to earn it.

I have had nothing but good experiences in the Treasurer’s Office. The talk of making it more professional is a bit bothersome to me. I find courteous people attending me every time I go in there. It is not in my nature to take bad service quietly. I have never had so much as one person in that office not greet me kindly and tend promptly to my business. Even on the busiest of days when I have had to stand in line and wait my turn, the staff, all of them, are very helpful and nice.

Please vote for the one candidate that has treated us with respect and a smile, Brenda Angstrom, for Webster County Treasurer.

Evelyn Ayala-Miller

Fort Dodge