Megan Srinivas has plan for mental health care

To the editor:

As the chair of the Webster County Democrats, I have seen many good people run for office. We are proud of the strong tradition we have in this community for providing quality candidates for offices at both levels of government.

This year one of our candidates has gained a lot of attention from people of both parties and our no party population. Dr. Megan Srinivas has returned home to continue her community service through her commitment to her patients at the Community Health Center and by running for the Iowa House to change health care in Iowa, especially regional health care in rural areas.

We are more than fortunate to have such knowledge of the system as it was, is and could be. Iowa ranks 51st in the nation, under Puerto Rico, in mental health beds per capita. Megan has a plan for that, too.

As a product of the Fort Dodge school system she wants to work to bring Iowa back to the number one status in education. She can do this without raising our taxes by simply putting the funds we have in more appropriate budget line items.

These are issues that we all care about. I urge you to support Dr. Megan Srinivas. Tell your friends. Vote for her. Vote for us!

Julie Geopfert

Webster County Democrat chair

Fort Dodge


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