Iowans deserve better than King

To the editor:

FACT: White supremacists include KKK and neo-Nazis. Our federal congressman, Steve King, has promoted a well-known neo-Nazi, Mark Collett, on Twitter. My three uncles: Donald, Marion and Loren, fought Nazis in WWII.

Donald received a Silver Star for saving two men caught in a crossfire, and Marion received a Purple Heart when he and his fellow machine-gunners were bombed from a second-story position into the basement. They were both on Omaha Beach on D-Day and also in the Battle of the Bulge. Loren fought in a string of islands in the Pacific.

If you guess that I am outraged when my congressman ENDORSES a neo-Nazi, you would be CORRECT!

Iowans deserve better than King. Please elect J.D. Scholten to Congress. He understands Iowans and will WORK for ALL of us!

Marjorie Franks

Fort Dodge


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