They appreciate article

To the editor:

Thank you so much for the wonderful article and pictures honoring our Uncle Don Johnson, which ran on the front page of The Messenger on July 26. Your reporter, Chad Thompson, was so professional and kind, spending close to an hour interviewing our uncle, his friends and family members. We appreciated having him there to help honor Don’s 95th birthday and receiving his Quilt of Valor. Then seeing the wonderful article on the front page about the party the next morning made it all the better. Thank you.

We did need to clarify one thing and that is Kathleen Guymon, the lady who made the quilt, is from Clare. She made the quilt in a couple of months while dealing with a flooded basement and a broken quilting machine.

We thank her so much for making the quilt and presenting it to Don. Last but not least, we thank all of Don’s friends who took the time to come and help us honor him on his 95th birthday and his service to our country.

Don Johnson’s nieces

Nancy Beck

Judy Lennon

Susan Willroth

Fort Dodge