Thanks for the support

To the editor:

My name Is Laura Sanchez and I am the daughter of the late Dennis “Dodger Denny” Olson. I want to use this platform to accomplish two things. First and foremost, I want to say thank you. My Dad died very suddenly and family, friends, and strangers did not miss a single beat in helping us. There are so many people to individually thank and as we were going through the normal motions after a loss we realized there really are so many. Throughout the week people told my brothers and I that my Dad touched a great number of people’s lives. With that being said so many people have outpoured their support with cards, plants, and sentiments.

We have no idea where to begin to send every single one of you a thank you card so my hopes is that this could be an attempt. We have received so many cards some with addresses and some with just a note that a thank you isn’t necessary. Not giving some form of gratitude just doesn’t sit with me well. There are a few businesses and individuals I would really like to recognize. Erica Grell and everyone at Grell Roofing for being by our sides every step of the way and making it a point that whatever we needed they would help with. Cori O’Brien at Tropical Smoothie for supplying my family with food and smoothies before the visitation. Amy and Dawn at The Holiday Inn Express, with it being one of your craziest times of the year you went above and beyond making sure my family members had places to stay. You asked me what I needed and made it happen. Bruce’s Funeral home for guiding us through this terribly sad time and giving nothing but top notch service.

Thank you to Wendy’s, Taco Tico, Dominos, and Community Tap and Pizza for their send-offs on their business signs the day of his funeral. Lastly, thank you to the entire Fort Dodge Athletic department. From the softball team’s amazing tribute and stickers, to the baseball also coming to the funeral, to the football team unloading all of our donations for the upcoming season. Thank you to Eric Pratt and The Messenger staff for the amazing pieces on my Dad that have left us speechless. Thank you to every single person that has reached out and will in the upcoming weeks.

As I mentioned at the beginning I wanted to accomplish two things with this letter. The second thing I was hoping to accomplish with this is to point out the good in this community. My Dad who loved this town never let classless nicknames or crimes change the integrity of this community. I believe he tried to be what this community needed. A smile, a helping hand, and a cheerleader. Fort Dodge has come such a long way and is trying to only improve. Improving doesn’t just mean better roads and pretty flowers. It means helping hands and positive attitudes.

If a single thing can be taken from the death of my Dad I hope it’s that a smile goes a long way, or a young man that comes from a broken home of alcohol and abuse can become something bigger, or just that simply there is something to be proud of when you think of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Go Dodgers!

With a grateful heart.

Laura Sanchez on behalf

of Bryan, Adam and

Kathy Olson and family

Fort Dodge


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