A bike race ‘thank you’

To the editor:

For a second year we were lucky to have the RocknRail1850 bike race in our historical downtown Fort Dodge. The environment, the people involved and the public who came to watch all around the course provided for a unique day. We appreciate all those who helped us in some way to see this event happened. We also appreciate those that made accomodations so the race could occur on a business day for them; impacting a few on different levels but a sacrifice for our event to happen. Thank you.

We understand there are concerns and will meet to address those as a committee.

The riders came from afar and nearby. They were appreciative of the people cheering them on, helping them in times of need and realizing what a neat venue Fort Dodge is for bike racing in north central Iowa. The families and residents of downtown Fort Dodge who were able to enjoy the race all afternoon was truly neat to see and listen to.

So we want to thank the following for making the event happen. Without these individuals, positive events like these cannot possibly occur. Thank you to the Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau, SSMID/Mainstreet-FD, Dodger Cyclists, Wells Fargo Bank, city of Fort Dodge Parks and Recreation FD Fire Rescue (Glad you were there for our bikers), FD Police Department (security was great), Public Works (Street Crew, especially), FD Oral Surgery, Shiny Top Brewing, Guthrie Associates & Realty, RoJohn Home Improvement Inc., Northwest Bank, Ann Smeltzer Charitable Foundation, Shimkat Motor Co., National Gypsum Company, Blue Water Pelham Waters Company, The Bike Shop, Alpha Media, Castor Construction, Marsh Construction, Doyle Construction, R&J Materials Handling, Graham Tire Company, Terry Cook/The Candy Store, Troy Waller Auto Body, Webster County Conservation, FD Noon Sertomas, Mary Kay’s Gifts, Fletcher Woodworks, Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., Alpha Media, The Big Picture, Badger Fire Department, Nanette Nacorda Catiigbe, Olde Boston’s, Party Productions, and all the volunteers who gave of their time watching the corners, the intersections, the registration area and more.

Special thanks to Morgan Cox who became our RocknRail1850 celebrity and our muse for a recumbent bike fundraiser for a special needs child at next year’s race. That’s right, with our leftover T-shirts for sale, we intend to raise money to purchase a bike for a special needs child by the next race.

We hope that we can continue this new, positive event in our community. It’s a new thing to try, it will take awhile to grow, but with the support of those mentioned above and more, RocknRail1850 hopes to become a destination event in the future.

Meg Beshey

RocknRail1850 Committee

Fort Dodge