Wants a moratorium

To the editor:

We in Iowa are facing ever-increasing threats of water and air pollution from factory farms. The industry knows it, our governor knows it, our legislators know it, the Department of Natural Resources knows it – but nobody seems to have a spine anymore. I love Iowa, and it is very hard to watch the hog industry destroy our beautiful state.

We are in the midst of an environmental disaster, and all Iowans — both urban and rural — should be concerned. Factory farms are using our good water and returning it to us in the form of toxic waste. One would think we’d have some protections for our resources, but sadly, money has been too much of a motivator for our local and state leaders to resist.

The DNR reports that 750 waterbodies are impaired in Iowa. Yet, they contnue giving their stamp of approval for more and more factory farms. It appears that the DNR is not concerned with protecting our water.

We must rise up, or factory farms will continue plaguing our landscape. The time for politicians to ignore our voices is over. We must be heard by our votes, our written words and our calls. We need a moratorium now.

Jim Batton

Iowa CCI member