Not happy with the “Left”

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered why or how liberals can constantly claim that, due to its high level of gun ownership, the U.S. is the most dangerous place on earth — to say nothing of their claims that the U.S. is also the most racist, most misogynistic and most exploitative country on earth — right up until an illegal immigrant wants in, and then the U.S. is the last beacon of hope, the everlasting shining city on a hill, offering the best security for families, and indisputably the land of economic opportunity?

Like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” the Left is certain that “there’s no place on earth” like the U.S. When it suits their political aims, nowhere is as dangerous and filled with hate as the U.S. And when it suits other political aims, the U.S. is a bastion of safety, human dignity, and opportunity.

One might be tempted to describe the Left as schizophrenic, if the cognitive dissonance weren’t so ruthlessly calculated.

Jeffrey Cook

Fort Dodge