Make your family stronger

To the editor:

An effort is underway in Fort Dodge to support sixth-graders and their families with a lifetime of practical skills and fewer problems.

Empowering Families to Grow Together is supported by St. Edmond, Fort Dodge Middle School, Webster County Extension and Outreach and Iowa State University’s Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute.

Empowering Families to Grow Together online series that provides opportunities for the entire family learn to explore positive ways to relate to each other during the transition to the teen years.

The preteen years are a time of tremendous physical and emotional change, as students develop unique identities and experience an increasing need for independence. We want to support parents in their effort to equip their preteens with skills that will enable them to develop their expanding world in healthy ways.

This is a fun, free,and flexible opportunity to learn how to navigate the pre-teen and teen years along side your child. Empowering Families to Grow Together is a self-paced, online module series with a family coach from ISU Extension and Outreach that will help you through it all.

To start the online training check out: https:// or call the Webster County Extension office at 576-2119.

Linda Cline

Webster County Extension

PROSPER co-team leader

Fort Dodge