Frontier Days 2018 succeeds

To the editor:

I am so proud and thankful for all of the Frontier Days 2018 staff, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, reenactors, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations that supported “The Original Wild West Frontier Days 2018.” Without your time, talent, and treasure we would not have been able to have a Frontier Days this year. With only three months to plan and organize a festival that typically takes a year to do, it is incredible and heartwarming to me to see such a quality, lively arts and history oriented event happen.

On Saturday morning the wind event that happened around 5 a.m. had folks scrambling to help vendors recoup and set up for Saturday’s event day. Some of the vendors, demonstrators and artisans were moved inside buildings so they could continue on Saturday to sell. Thank you again to all of the guests who came out to visit Frontier Days 2018. It was neat to see all of the families with children who came and enjoyed the free crafts, games, music, demonstrations and even Kids and Adult Bingo on Sunday. The Sunday morning service was a success and was a great way to begin the last day of the event. The new smartphone and video guided tour called the Ambassadors Program and the new World War I Smithsonian exhibit were well received.

There was definitely “a fresh face” on the event and it made folks happy by going back to the way the event was in the “good old days” and to the original intent of the festival. The Frontier Opera House was the perfect venue to hear and watch live entertainment and while adult beverages were available, doing away with the beer tent environment was a real positive and made the focus on family and history. Financially, In recent past years the museum saw a very small portion of the Frontier Days event proceeds. This year all of the net proceeds from the event went directly to the Fort Museum and Frontier Village. The museum did not receive any of the proceeds from the parade this year but next year the museum and the Frontier Days Committee will be in control of the parade and its proceeds, Again here is another great volunteer opportunity. We are looking with leaders in the community to help plan the 2018 Frontier Days event. Also, If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at 573-4231.

Cheryl Sherry

Executive Director

The Fort Museum

and Frontier Village

Fort Dodge