‘What will I do after high school?’

To the editor:

As graduation nears, high school students everywhere face big decisions about their futures. The biggest question remains, “What will I do after high school?”

College Signing Days, a designated celebration for seniors to announce their college plans, will be held across the nation on or around May 1. Fort Dodge Senior High participated in the Iowa statewide effort known as College Decision Day on May 4 to celebrate the future goals of the senior class. All seniors are encouraged to select their postsecondary path by this date.

It is important all students know college is possible for everyone. In Iowa, nearly two-thirds of the top 50 fastest growing occupations require some type of formal training program or postsecondary education. Iowa’s colleges and universities assist in that goal, offering a wide variety of educational options that meet the unique needs of all our state’s students including apprenticeships, certificates and diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor degrees.

We thank the members of the community for the continued support of Fort Dodge Senior High students as they plan their educational futures and hope you will also celebrate their future plans as you interact with students in the community.

LaVerne Handfield

Fort Dodge Community School District