Supports Ann Meyer

To the editor:

Members of the Iowa Legislature make many decisions that affect the lives of every Iowan in many facets of their daily lives. We depend upon the legislator/s representing us and our state to make those decisions in a careful and thoughtful manner using their best judgement based upon sound and valid professional studies along with input from the constituents they represent.

Ann Meyer has demonstrated in her responses to numerous questions at different forums that she has that thoughtful and deliberate manner to decide what she thinks would be a responsible and effective approach to resolving many issues that will most likely come before her as a state representative.

Every voter living in House District 9 which includes Fort Dodge, Badger, Clare, Duncombe Vincent and rural northern Webster County has a great opportunity to help send Ann Meyer to serve Iowa in the Iowa House of Representatives. I encourage you to support Ann Meyer in the June 5th Republican primary and again in the General Election in November.

Dave Tjepkes

Retired state representative