Kids Choice event succeeds

To the editor:

On Sunday April 8, Youth Empowerment Association Incorporated, despite the snowy weather, held its fifth annual Kids Choice Awards at the beautiful Cardiff Center in Fort Frenzy.

Nomination boxes had been offered to surrounding school districts of north central Iowa for the youth to have the opportunity to give credit to great mentor ship in this area. The kids, once again, spoke loud and clear.

Teachers from primary, secondary and high school levels were rewarded. We had coaches that help kids with problems more than being the best athlete. The kids also had a special mentor name Jonathan Roberts with whom we are honored to now know.

Roberts took the time for a student and listen to him to help this kid through some dark times of his life.

Some of these mentors wonder why they were chosen and who had chosen them.

The youth in whom have selected them, most often wish to be anonymous.

It is important to them that the mentor receives the honor and the student usually wants to receive no attention for this. Humility is quite evident. This organization continues to remind them just how important it is to obtain it.

If these mentors feel that they have done nothing special other than doing what they always do at their job, then the kids have chosen well.

We also honored state Rep. Helen Miller for her lifetime commitment for the betterment of our community. She has helped the youth of this area more than anyone could appreciate or realize.

Family bowling center has also been a strong partner for many good causes in our community, with a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. Their name says it all.

This event could not be possible without Fort frenzy and their wonderful staff. They do an amazing job to make the mentors feel special and make the kids proud to be part of this sparkling event.

Thank you to Josh Lennon, Teresa Smith and Todd Mccubbin for your continued commitment to provide a positive atmosphere and believing in this cause.

Thank you to Joe Sutter and The Messenger for reporting about these great unspoken heroes.

Last but not least, the wonderful students who were brave enough to share their talents. Sisters and singers Kayla and Jessica Aber, with a speech and piano piece written and performed by Landon Stone.

If anyone wishes to learn more about this event, or a youth would like to nominate a mentor, please contact us at youthempowerment2k17@gmail.com or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

The 2019 nominations are now open.

Jenny Johnson

Breck Johnson


The entire board,


and team leaders

Youth Empowerment

Association Inc.