Favors Ann Meyer

To the editor:

I strongly believe Ann Meyer has the best interests of Fort Dodge and its surrounding area at heart. She would be an amazing addition to the Iowa House of Representatives. I have gotten to know Ann very well recently and have seen the drive, passion, and knowledge she could bring to the Iowa House. Ann has put in the work to find out the needs and wants of the people of this community and I believe she would work tirelessly to make sure the best is being done for her constituents. Ann will be able to use her knowledge of education and the medical field to continue to progress our community forward. I always look to vote for the candidate who not only would do a great job in the Capitol but who I connect with on a one on one level. Ann definitely fits the bill when it comes to both of these. She is a great person through and through. There is no question I will be voting for Ann Meyer and I would encourage everyone to do the same, both in the primary and in the general election.

Cameron Nelson

Fort Dodge