Farm Bill is important

To the editor:

Once again, the Farm Bill has become the political football of our nation.

We must pass a Farm Bill to ensure the integrity of American agriculture and our local economies.

As a multi-generational family farmer here in Webster County it is very important to know the “rules” on how my operation will work to make future plans and investments.

Everyone lately here in Iowa has heard about our own state’s financial situations and challenges. One common cause has been the slow rural economy of recent years in which a large portion of our state’s revenue comes from. With over 80 percent of the Farm Bill supporting nutrition programs alone this program affects some of our communities most vulnerable. Insisting on passage of a quality Farm Bill is essential for the success of our local economies, conservation efforts, water quality programs, and crop insurance products just to name a few to ensure our agricultural-based economy in the state of Iowa and locally succeeds.

Steve Peterson