Careers on Wheels is great

To the editor:

I was humbled again this year to be a part of Careers on Wheels, held May 1. This was the fourth annual event. It was held at the Iowa Central East Campus, which hosted and fed us a great lunch. More than 30 volunteers from ICCC, FDSH and business leaders led student groups alongside teachers. Almost 450 fifth-graders from FDMS, St Edmond, Eagle Grove, and Gilmore City-Bradgate talked with community members from 30 businesses which use vehicles in their work. Business people gave a day of their time to share a typical day of their work, their favorite parts of their jobs, and the education and training needed and answered students’ questions.

The day was an amazing collaboration between local schools, Iowa Central Community College, Iowa Workforce Development, the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance and our business community at large. As we all continue to grow our community together, we look forward to the fifth annual event.

I want to take the chance to highlight this wonderful event promoting the development of our future workforce, and on behalf of FDMS staff and students, thank involved in this year’s Careers on Wheels.

Valerie Jergens

Fort Dodge