Remembering Barbara Bush

To the editor:

In the past few days there, of course, has been a great deal in the news, and rightfully so, about the passing of Barbara Bush, the matriarch of the Bush family that deserves all the accolades she has received.

As I reflect on my own personal views of Barbara Bush I cannot help but pause and comment on at least two traits of Barbara Bush’s and what I believe would be the reaction to them today.

In the news I have seen several video clips of her speaking, years ago, to students at some well-known universities. She was shown to express with grace and charm the values of what a conservative Republican woman believes. She would speak of her faith and of her family and in generalities about what she believes life will present to her audience. Today if she were to speak at some “elite” universities (such as some of those in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut — you can yourself determine which ones I might be referring to) she would most likely be run off the campus simply because of her conservative Republican views, no matter how those views may be a benefit to, or relate to, the audience. Never mind the family values she spoke of. No such conservative views could be expressed on many of our campuses today without the person being shouted down, if allowed to speak at all, part of an all out war being waged on freedom of speech by left wing liberals on college campuses. Sad.

An obvious trait seen in video clips about Barbara Bush is that she was a person of deep faith that held a personal, strong, belief in God. Today, as a Christian, Barbara Bush would be fearful of her life in many parts of the world and those who hold similar religious views are indeed under attack, even in the United States. Today, many believe there is increasing intolerance, indeed even hostility, toward their Christian beliefs and values. Ten years ago then presidential candidate Barack Obama made comments about bitter working class voters who “cling to guns or religion” (guns being a topic for another day), comments he later said were ill chosen, but chosen and said nonetheless. Some would say Obama set a tone for today. Sad.

Bless Barbara Bush. May she rest in peace.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge