Praises county road crew

To the editor:

We residents of Webster County are very fortunate to be served by the type of county employees we have. It is really hard work to find one who is anything but helpful, courteous, competent, and caring whenever you make contact with a problem or concern, and, yes, even with my minor and silly ones. But, living on a dusty country road, I nominate the Webster County Road Maintenance crew as the brightest and most shining jewels in the crown.

It makes no difference whether you are dealing with the office staff, those in a multi-ton truck, behind the wheel of huge high-tech machinery, or wielding a spade clearing a road drain, you can always expect the following. These folks always greet you with welcome, respect, and sincere concern. They know their job; they do their work efficiently, professionally, and in as timely a manner as possible in the scope of overall needs. (No, regretfully, they don’t usually snow plow or grade our stretch of gravel first; we are only two homesteads.) All our roadways are always very well taken care of. Hard surfaces are quickly and well cleared or sanded in winter, gravel roads are graded or re-rocked as needed, especially in wet spells, etc. They make our investments last as long as possible, too. If you think I exaggerate, jump in your vehicle and drive into adjoining counties and compare. Those folks are probably trying too, but their work just doesn’t match up to our crew’s consistent performance.

So, in the fashion of the ancient Romans, we need to drape all the road crew with laurel branches and celebrate the very worthy people they are, and the fine and faithful service they always render. Let’s have a procession, we surely can find some dancing girls and an arch somewhere around here. Hope none of you are allergic to laurel because you are truly valued and appreciated.

Roger D. Snell